Divisional OR Club Contest


The judging of 4th FIP Grand International circuit 2017 was conducted on 26th and 27th
October 2017 at the venue of Hotel Avenue club, Kolkata. The board of jury comprised of
Mr. Sushanta Banerjee, Mr. Partha Sarathi Sarkar, Mr. Adit Agarwala, Ms. Sona Beniwal,
Ms. Sunita Aich, Mr. Anil Risal Singh, Mr. H. Satish, Mr. Akhil Hardiya, Ms. Tripti Roy, Mr.
Swarnendu Ghosh, Mr. Anup Paul, Mr. S.R Mondal, Mr. Amitabha Sil and Mr. Nupur
Kumar Roy. A total number of 1364 prints (both colour and monochrome) and 4109 digital
photographs (Colour, Monochrome, Nature) were received and judged . The constituent
clubs of the Circuit were RPC, Raiganj, TPAS, Chandigarh and IVAF, Kolkata.

After conclusion of the judging, a visit to Santiniketan was made by most of the jury
members under patronage of FIP and arranged by Sri Mrinal Banerjee. Photographic
outings to the fullest of satisfaction of the members were also undertaken.

The entire process of judgment was very smooth and arrangements required for such
activity was very conducive to the process. The successful competition of the whole
judging operation could not have been possible without active participation of Web Master
Sri Mrinal Banerjee assisted by Sri Bhaskarjyoti Bhattacharya and Sri Kajal Chaterjee. Last
but not the least the staff member of the Hotel Avenue Club extended their whole hearted
support for making the judgment a Grand Success.


- Parthasarathi Sarkar