Regulations for Photographic Salons seeking FIP Recognition

  1. Definition :
    • The Exhibition should be open to everyone from all the states of India, irrespective of their sex, age and status. THEMATIC and INVITATIONAL EXHIBITION are NOT eligible for recognition.
  2. Exhibition :
    • Whenever possible salon committee shall make arrengements with local art museums or other equally appropriate institution that are regularly open to the public for the display of the exhibits.
  3. Jury :
    • The jury should consist of either three or five jurors, carefully chosen as being capable of selecting prints / slides of salon quality.

    ( N.B. : An adequate number of nature workers should be in the Jury for judging nature entries.) Atleast two out of three or three out of five of Jurors must be distinction holders of FIAP, RPS, PSA, FIP or IIPC.

  4. Number of Entries :
    • The following maximum may not be exceeded in any section :
      2CPColour Pictorial Prints
      3NNature (Monochrome & Colour)
      4CSColour Slide
      5NSNature Slide
      7PTPhoto Travel
      9WSWildlife Slide
      10WPWildlife Print (Mono / Colour)
      12MPMonochrome Pictorial Print
    • N. B. : Organisers and exhibitors will follow ONLY THIS CODE.
  5. Presentation of entries for judging :
    • All the entries without exception, should be presented to the Jury for appraisal.
    • The room in which judging takes place should be well lighted. (N. B. : A reading of 15 to 20 foot candle power is considered adequate.)
    • The prints should be presented to the Jury in the order of their size, (beginning with the smaller ones), so that they will be judged by size groups, at the most suitabl viewing distance.
    • The slides should be judged by projection only, assuring a good screen brightness.
    • At no time shall an exhibitor's entries be judged consecutively.
    • Whenever possible all entries shall be viewed by the Jury atleast twice and in the case of prints, the final selection examined in hand by the Jury for mechanical defects, otherwise etc.
  6. Decision of the Jury :
    • The decision of the Jury, whether numerical rating or otherwise, should be marked on an easily removal sticker on the back of the print.
    • After the judging the participants should be notified whether or not their entries have been accepted. If possible with the scores of individual entries !
  7. Acceptance Labels :
    • Each accepted entry should be awarded a distinctive sticker (label), which may however, be NOT AFFIXED TO THE ENTRY.
  8. Catalogue and Entry Form :
    • A Catalogue should be produced, listing the exhibitors, strictly in the alphabetical order of their surnames, AFTER THE AUTHORS NAME ONLY INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED TITLES, THOSE OF FIP, FIAP, RPS, IIPC AND PSA MAY BE MENTIONED.
    • It is advisable to give the full address of each exhibitor after his or her name, as a service to future exhibitions.
    • Every entrant should receive a illustrated souvenir / catalogue in which FIP advertisement should be published on a most prominent page.
    • The fact that the salon has received 'FIP recognition' should be mentioned both in the catalogue and on the entry form quoting the 'allotted recognition number' with the FIP emblem.
  9. Schedule :
    • It is essential that the entry forms be mailed not later than sixty days before the closing date. The closing date should be boldly marked at the bottom of the first page of the entry form.
    • The entry form must be in the size of 22 x 14 cm and Rs. 500/- will be charged by the FIP for the service of inserting the entry form in the "VIEWFINDER". The entry form must reach FIP office 45 days before the intended day the insertion i.e. 10th March for April insertion.
    • The total time lapse between the closing date for entries and the closing date of the exhibition itself should, in no case, exceed 70 days. (salons that have been announced as being shown in more than one city, may have 15 days more for each additional showing.)
    • The report cards shall be mailed not later than 10 days after the judging date.
    • When the entrant's entries have been totally rejected, they shall be returned within 21 days after the judging.
    • Entry fee should not exced Rs. 50/- per section, with a suitable reduction for subsequent sections.
    • The posting of the catalogue to the entrant should not be later than 70 days after the closing date for receipt of entries.
    • The awards and certificates won by the exhibitor shall be sent to him not later than the return of his or her entries.
    • The language of the entry form, notification and the catalogue shall be English, even if regional languages are also used.
  10. Return of Prints and Slides :
    • Whereas the entries should be returned in the original packing, howerve, if it is found to be inadequate to ensure safe return, the organisers should use fresh packing material as a matter of courtesy to the entrant.
    • Entries should be returned by registered post only.
  11. Originality :
    • All monochrome work should be the sole, unaided work of the entrant, mounting excepted.
  12. Titles of the Entries :
    • Should be in English and should not be changed from salon to salon. N.B. Entries with 'No Titles' or with numerical titles may be rejected and in any case, will NOT be counted for Star Rating or Who's who.
  13. General : A salon catalogue should be sent separately to the following :
    • The President - FIP
    • The Secretary General - FIP
    • The Secretary, Indian Who's Who Division
    • The Secretary, Indian Salon Mailing List Division
    • The Secretary, Indian Star Rating Division
    • Secretary - Salon Control Division
    • All the executive committee members.
    • (Their respective addresses are available in every issue of the VIEWFINDER).

    ( Please Note : It is fully within the competence of the secretary general of the F.I.P. to modify these regulations if and when found necessary. )

    ( N.B. Please file these regulations in your club's permanent files for frequent reference in future. )