History of FIP

The Begining

FIP was created in 1952 with the relentless effort of Dr. G. Thomas, Mr. B.K.Mukherjee, Mr.S.H.H.Razavi, Mr. O.C.Edwards and Mr. G.Arunachalam.

The Clubs at formative stage

The clubs who joined initially were : The Camera Society of Delhi, The Mysore Photographic Society, The Palanpur Camera Club, The Photographic Association of Bengal, The Photographic Society of Bangalore, The Photographic Society of Orissa, The Pictorial Photographers of India, The South Calcutta Camera Club, The U.P. Amateur Photo. Association, Niharika and Kanpur Camera Club.

Fip at present

Today there are over 1500 members at FIP and more and more people are joining. FIP organizes workshops & photo contests, publishes journal and awards distinctions. This is the only national body of Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP).